How to Organize Seating for a Large Event


How to Plan Seating for a Large Event

Oak Grove In Las Vegas, large events are difficult to plan, and more often than not, the most difficult part is seating. Seating arrangements vary widely based on the space your event is being held in, how many people will be attending and your audio setup. Here are some tips on how to have optimal seating for whatever event you are planning.

Figure Out How Many People Will Be Attending

buy modafinil online in the uk You do not need to have a specific guest list, but a rough estimate of how many people you will have attending is pertinent to know before organizing seating. This decides how many chairs you will need to rent, which should be slightly higher than the number of people you expect to attend. This way people are not left without a seat if more come than expected. Having not enough seating is not a good thing, but having too many seats is also bad and will make the event seem empty. You might want to consider keeping a reserve of seats in the backroom just in case more people show up than you have seating for.

Create a Flow With Your Seating

When you are considering where to put the chairs, consider people who may need to step out for a moment to go to the bathroom or take a phone call. Isles should flow in a way that bathrooms and lobbies are easily accessible to accommodate these people. You want isles roughly every 10 seats for smaller events and 20 seats for larger events. Much more than that and you have people climbing over people to get out to go to the bathroom. Also, be sure to have ample room between seats in all directions. Legroom makes people feel more at ease and gives people room needed to squeeze by if they do need to step out.

Make Sure That Every Seat in the House Is a Good Seat

Every seat should be able to see and hear the speaker or performer well. This means that the seating needs to be organized around the speakers and the stage. Do not put seats behind pillars or other fixtures, or too far away from the speaker or performer. If you do not have a stage, look for seating riser rentals in Las Vegas to ensure that everyone is able to see. Make the event memorable for every seat in the house, not just the people in front.

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