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Four Important Safety Considerations When Using Seating Risers

Jessore The seating riser rentals Las Vegas event hosts have available to them are an affordable and effective way to improve the audience experience. Risers allow audience members seated farther back to positioned above the front audience and other obstructions. Of course, you are no longer dealing with a flat surface and so there are important safety considerations.

Local Codes

There are usually fire and other local ordinances that apply to any event that comprises a significant number of people. Such ordinances almost always have rules for seating capacity, seating orientation and so forth. It’s impossible to discuss them in detail here since they can vary considerable depending on your local jurisdiction, zoning for the event site, the commercial purpose of the event and so forth. Check the ordinances. Note the rules for risers, and take the necessary precautions.

Post Clear Signage

There should be clear signs that warn people of any elevation changes. Often, these will be posted at foot level, such as up arrows, as well as at eye level. If you have assigned seating, such as sold tickets for particular seats, then it also helps to have the rows clearly marked so that audience members can get seated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ensure Adequate Illumination

The event area should be well lit in advance of the area when the bulk of the audience is entering the chamber and finding their seats. You must also consider that some audience members may need to leave their seats and return to them as the event unfolds, so you generally want to have some form of lighting at the riser level so that that people can see the steps and their feet.

Consider Hand Rails

For maximum safety, funnel audience members leaving and returning to their seats to the left and right sides if possible. Have handles rails, which are available to rent as well, situated along the steps or in the middle of interior lanes so that progress up and down those steps is more secure.

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