How to Maximize a Small Event Venue


Small venues don’t have to feel tiny or cramped. Engage the audience at your next live event by keeping these tips in mind.

3 Tips for Making a Small Event Space Feel Big

If you’re planning a live event but are short on space, don’t fret. With a few simple tricks, you can engage your audience and make the most of your limited space. Simply be conscious of your venue’s limitations, be aware of your audience’s needs, and skip elements you don’t need. If you follow these tips, your event is sure to be a success.

Choose Your Stage Wisely

There are several different types of rental stages. When choosing a small stage for your venue, make sure you select the most appropriate type of decking. Consult with a company that offers decking rentals in Las Vegas, and discuss the needs of your event. Most rental companies use aluminum decking, which can be used to create a wide variety of live experiences. If you have audio equipment, talk to the rental company about raising the decking so that the subwoofer cabinets can be placed beneath the stage. This saves you space, and it doesn’t affect audio quality.

Consider Your Audience

While planning your event, make sure you know how many people are expected to be in the audience. This should have a big impact on the style and method of your presentation. If you expect to have a large audience in your small venue, make sure that everything on stage is clearly visible. Whether you’re hosting a corporate speech or a musical performance, the elements of your stage should be easy to see, even from the back row. If both your audience and your stage are small, emphasize details. Use props if they suit the presentation. This keeps the audience engaged, and it adds a personal touch.

Lightweight Lights

You want your event lighting to make an impact. But if you’re working with limited space, it’s best to ditch heavy-duty lighting fixtures. Replace the overhead lights with small, versatile LED lights. They can be used to create an array of lighting effects and atmospheres, but they won’t take up too much room in your event venue.

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