Making Your Rodeo a Family-friendly Event


Invite the Whole Family to the Rodeo

apeak Drawing big crowds is a priority for event planners, so it’s important that your rodeo appeal to as many people as possible. One of the biggest demographics that you can target is children and their families. When you’re organizing a rodeo, intentionally making it a place for family fun can boost your attendance numbers and keep people coming back year after year.

Grab Attention with Your Opening Ceremonies Help kids understand from the very beginning of the day that the rodeo is an exciting place to be. You can create this impression by starting the action in an unforgettable way. Make a big deal out of your opening ceremonies so kids’ eyes will be glued to the action. Parade participants through the arena as they wave flags and colorful banners. Play lively music that will encourage the crowd to get on their feet and dance. To really start the show with a bang, dazzle attendees with a sparkling fireworks display. Remind your announcers and other personnel that this is a family-friendly activity, so all of their communications should be clean, positive and upbeat.

Make Sure Everyone Can See

Selecting the right seating is an important part of rodeo planning, especially when you are encouraging kids to attend. Children will be more invested in the action if they can clearly see the arena. Seating riser rentals in Las Vegas provide an easy way to make sure that everyone in the crowd will have a great view. Children will be just as eager as everyone else to cheer on the competitors.

Offer Additional Activities

The heart of your event is the action in the arena, but small visitors will get restless quickly. Savvy event planners will offer a lineup of family activities that can encourage guests to stay at the venue even when children are tired of sitting. Face painting, carnival games and bounce houses provide irresistible fun for children of many ages. Activities that would fit right in with the Western theme of your rodeo include pony rides, milking demonstrations, tractor pulls and petting zoos. Consider inviting vendors who would be willing to give away free swag or do take-home crafts with young attendees.

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