Make the Most of Your Yard Sale shutterstock_217692802

buy gabapentin reddit A yard sale is an opportunity to turn unneeded items into cash that can be better used elsewhere, and sellers can follow these steps to earn just a little extra.

Turn Your Yard Sale into a Profit-Driving Event

abjectly Many people see yard sales as a way to clear some storage space and rid themselves of unwanted items. Earning a little extra dough is just a bonus, but many sellers earn far less than they should. Thinking of these belongings as unwanted is half the problem. They have value to someone, and you should approach their sale accordingly.

Involve the Neighbors

Bigger really is better when it comes to yard sales. Bargain shoppers are much more likely to pass a small sale by and stop at a large one. The larger the selection the more exciting the hunt is. People will stick around longer, and the longer they stay the more likely they are to buy something.

Prepare to Sell Rain or Shine

Tent rentals in Las Vegas are a great way to ensure that your yard sale goes on regardless of the weather. Many bargain hunters will not pack it in just because of a little rain, but many yard sales will. Be ready to take advantage of that. You may be the only show in town and ready to rake in all that spending cash burning holes in pockets.

Keep Your Customers Cool and Comfortable

Tents and other coverings are a great way to keep your shoppers in the shade. If you have boxes for people to dig through, then put those under canopies and in the garage. Leave the large, loose items for perusal along picnic tables and the like, and consider having lemonade or iced tea available.

Embrace Haggling

Haggling does not come easy to everyone. Some sellers will simply say yes to any reasonable offer, but they are overlooking the allure this activity has for many. If someone wants to haggle, play that game. You will be much more likely to turn that sale into several more. You may even want to put “or best offer” under the price on your larger tags.

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