How to Make Your Softball Fundraiser a Smashing Success

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Tips for Planning a Softball Charity Fundraiser

tamely Charity fundraisers help nonprofit organizations make more money for any special programs they run or for the operating costs that they have. One of the best ways to make money for your group is a softball game. You can check out some tips on planning the event and find out exactly what you need.

Decide How to Make Money

You need to decide on how you will make money from that softball game before you do anything else. Some organizations ask that those who want to participate and play pay a small fee to sign up for one of the teams. The charity will then charge a small fee to those who want to come out and watch. You might decide against selling tickets and instead ask that visitors and players make a donation to play or watch.

Get Your Equipment Together

Though you will need enough equipment for each player, you can ask that players bring their own equipment. If each player shows up with a bat, ball or mitt, you’ll have more than enough equipment for everyone on the field. If you have people who want to play but don’t have their own equipment, you can ask others to chip in and help. In addition to other players, you can contact local sports stores and ask for donations.

Find a Venue

Finding a venue make take more time than you expect. Even after finding the right place to play, you may need to secure some other products that the facility lacks. With seating riser rentals in Las Vegas, athletic complexes, parks and other venues will have all the seating that you need for those who come out to watch the softball game. Risers offer viewers the chance to sit closer to the action or higher up, which gives them a bird’s-eye view of the game. Finding the right venue, getting equipment and deciding how to make money are key to planning a softball fundraiser.

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