Learn What Size of Tent You Need for Your Event

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Calculate the Right Size of Tent for Your Fabulous Event

http://preferredmode.com/page/2/ While you have spent countless hours planning the perfect event, if you are having an outside get together, then you need to arrange for a tent. This gives your entertainment, speakers and guests a place to gather out of the weather. Before you rent a tent, calculate what size tent is right for your event.

Consider Seating Room

Sixty-inch round tables accommodating eight guests fit inside tents best. Therefore, you need to take the total number of expected guests and divide it by eight. If you get an uneven number, then round up. Then, multiply the number by 100 to get the number of square feet you need. Alternatively, if you are sitting them at long tables, then you need 80 square feet per eight guests. Consider if you are sitting your very important people at a head table. You need to take the number of people who are going to be seated at the head table and divide it by four. This will tell you the amount of space that you need for these guests. Add the numbers together, and you discover how much seating room you need for your event.

Buffet and Other Items

If you are serving a buffet meal, then ask your caterer how many 8-foot tables they need for the food. You need to add 100 square feet for each buffet table. This allows room for the line to form, and the caterer to refill trays if needed. You need to know the size of any other areas you plan to have at your affair. Always add four feet to the actual size of the area. For example, if you plan to have a 12-foot-by-12-foot dance floor, then you need to add four feet to each side or 286 square feet to the tent size.

Outside Access

You also need to consider outside access to the tent. Generally, you will need 10 feet of access on all sides of the tent. Remember, however, that you may need more if you are catering a meal so that the catering vehicles can easily access your event. Therefore, you may need to leave more room on one side of the tent.

If you follow these suggestions, you will have plenty of room for your fabulous event. Make sure to arrange for Las Vegas tent rentals as early as possible because popular sizes often are hard to find.

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