What to Keep in Mind When Setting a Date for Your Next Event

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How to Properly Choose an Event Date

Chinhoyi Although it might seem trivial compared to some facets of planning for your next corporate event, choosing the event date is among the most important aspects of event planning and can help the event get off to a good start. You want to select a date that will allow as many people to attend as possible but doing so can be difficult when there are so many factors to take into account.

Keep Vacations in Mind

The first step towards choosing the right date for your next corporate event is to watch out for any vacations that would likely occur during the date that you’re considering hosting the event. Try to stay away from any times of the year when families are most likely to take vacations or children are out of school for a lengthy break, as people are much less likely to attend these events during such periods of the year. Some of the dates that you may want to avoid during the year include major holidays, the middle summer months of June and July, August due to children returning to school, and when another large convention is taking place in the business world.

Choose the Right Day of the Week

Starting your event on the right day of the week is essential if you want to attract as many potential attendees as possible. If your event is a multi-day one, considering starting it on a day that allows the event to conclude on either Saturday or Sunday. For one-day events, weekends are the best.

Make Sure the Venue is Available

If you have the perfect venue in mind, it’s important that the venue is available on the dates that you wish to schedule the event for. Don’t schedule the event before you’ve lined up potential dates for it, as this could cause you to scramble to find a venue that’s available at that time. Once you’ve selected the date, consider requesting the services of an event rental company to help with your selection of a venue.

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