How to Keep Guests Cool During an Outdoor Vegas Wedding

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Tips for Staying Cool During a Las Vegas Wedding

Outdoor temperatures in Las Vegas can easily climb into the high double digits and even higher during the summer. That can result in your guests feeling overheated and tired before you finish exchanging vows. If you want to get married outside in Vegas, you need to know how to keep your guests as cool as possible.

Serve Drinks

Though you may think that it’s tacky to serve drinks during your ceremony, those drinks can prevent your guests from overheating and passing out. You don’t need anything fancy; simple bottled water will work. To add something special, you can make custom labels for those bottles. Though some couples may want to hand out water as guests arrive, others will want to keep chilled bottles on hand for those who need them. You might leave a selection of bottled water and other drinks in a convenient spot during the ceremony.

Offer Shade

With tent rentals in Las Vegas, you’ll have no problem providing guests with the shade that they need. Tent rentals come in many different sizes, including small tents that can accommodate a few people and tents large enough to house all your guests. You might select a small rental for your elderly loved ones to sit under during the ceremony and a large one for the reception. Tent rentals will also come in handy if you experience unexpected rain on your wedding day.

Hand Out Gift Bags

You can also consider handing out gift bags in lieu of the simple gifts that other couples give out. Those bags can contain everything guests need to stay cool such as cool wraps that they can wear on their necks and sunscreen that they can use when outside. You may want to include a note or a letter you created that gives them tips on staying cool until your event is over. Couples who marry in Vegas can easily help their guests stay as cool as possible.

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