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Tips for Keeping Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Vegas Wedding

Kalmunai Temperatures in Las Vegas can easily climb into the low to high 90s, and the temperature on some days can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As you plan your Vegas wedding, you might worry about how your guests will handle that heat. Using the top tips for staying cool will help your guests stay comfortable during the outdoor ceremony and reception.

Use Fans

Turning off the lights and turning on a few fans is an easy way to stay cool while inside your home on a hot day. The same principle applies when you host an outdoor wedding. Look for larger fans that you can set up around the venue to reach as many guests as possible. You may need to run extension cords or rent a generator for the day to supply power to those fans. A fun twist on this idea is a box of portable water fans. These fans run on batteries and have water inside that users can spray on themselves. You can decorate the fans to match your wedding theme and give one to each guest.

Get Away From the Sun

Bringing in some shade is a great way to beat the heat. If you opt for an outdoor Vegas wedding venue that doesn’t have any trees or other shady spots, you can opt for Las Vegas tent rentals. These tents come in different sizes and can fit all the guests coming out to celebrate your big day. You can use tents with windows and leave the windows open to let the natural breeze come through.

Keep Guests Hydrated

Providing guests with plenty of cold water is the key to ensuring that they stay hydrated and do not get sick during your outdoor ceremony. You can leave large containers filled with ice and bottles or water around the venue. This is especially important when serving alcohol, which can dehydrate the body. With tent rentals, fans and lots of bottled water, you can easily keep guests cool during your outdoor Las Vegas wedding.

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