The Ins and Outs of Business Entertaining


Wining and dining a client or hosting a client at a special recreational event will only strengthen your business relationship if it’s done the right way.

Business Entertaining

Contracts may be formalized at the conference table, but the best way to get to know those clients whose business you’re soliciting is by spending recreational time with them. That’s why skybox rentals in Las Vegas can be such a good idea. You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your prospective client, supplier or partner by watching a sporting event or a concert together. Planning a successful social outing will also allow your potential customer to see how well you can manage logistical details. Collaborating with an event planner on these nights out will help make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Wining and Dining Business Clients

Another effective way of personalizing business relationships so that they grow to contain elements of friendship and trust is by inviting your clients or new partners to share meals. There are many great restaurants in Las Vegas that your guests may not have had the opportunity to explore, particularly if they’re from out of town. If you invited someone out for a business lunch or dinner, don’t embarrass your guest by discussing ways to split the check: You are the one who should pay. Turn off your smartphone, and let your guest take the lead when it comes to ordering food and beverages.

Playing Golf

A game of golf is one of the most popular recreational pastimes with a prospective client. On average, you’ll get to spend four hours with your client if you’re playing a typical 18-hole course. When you’re playing with a client, it’s important to focus more on your client than you do on your game. Don’t get agitated if you miss a shot, and if you’re playing under par, don’t overdo the self-congratulations.

Etiquette Is Key in Client Entertaining

Good manners are key when you’re participating in a social event with business associates. Your most important job is to put your guests at ease. Entertaining can be an important part of your business strategy, but only if it helps you strengthen a customer relationship.

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