How to Plan an Event


Understanding how to plan an event before you get started can save you time and money.

Guide to Planning an Event

No matter the type of event you are planning, several guidelines will assist in making your job much easier. These guidelines ensure that issues are minimized and goals are achieved quickly.

Identify Goals and Put a Team Together

The first thing to do when planning any event is to identify what your goals are. Ask yourself why you are planning this event and what you wish to accomplish with it. Once this is done, you can start putting a team together. To properly keep track of every detail, it is important that you have others to assist in each phase of the planning. If you are serving as the manager of the event, create multiple subcommittees, with several people serving on each subcommittee. These subcommittees can include venue management, entertainment, volunteer management and speakers, among others. Make sure to keep track of all details pertaining to these aspects of the event.

Set the Date

The key to the success of any event is setting a date that ensures many guests. For any new event, you are going to want to take several factors into account that will determine the amount of people that can make it to the event. The planning of any event takes at least a few months, so do not set the date unless you have already begun planning. It is important to be aware of any holidays and school breaks. If high-profile guests or speakers are set to attend, the date must be at a time that everyone can be there. When looking at venues, consider tent rentals in Las Vegas, which are generally easier to rent than a building.

Create a Budget and Send out Invitations

Once you have gathered all the details of the event, it is time to make a budget, which should include estimates for each key item of the event. If speakers are going to be present, factor in accommodation and travel costs. Whether the event is by invitation, only or something you want to promote to the public, invitations or promotional materials need to be made and distributed well in advance of the event.

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