How to Host a Great Barbecue

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Rock Island Hosting a barbecue is a great way to entertain. Keep the prep hassle-free by renting equipment you may not have from an event rental company and keeping the menu simple.

How to Host a Great Barbecue

Hosting an outdoor barbecue can be a great way to celebrate the season and get together with family and friends. Don’t own a grill or all the necessary equipment to put this kind of bash together? Don’t worry. An event rental company can provide you with everything you need from grills and rotisseries to tents that can shield your guests from inclement weather or harsh sunlight.

Another way to host a great barbecue party, especially in the chillier months, would be to sit around a fire pit. Not only would it give off an outdoorsy, campfire vibe and keep you warm, but it could also be a place where you set up a spit roast. By installing fire pits Melbourne (or wherever you live), you could experience a more intimate arrangement with your family and friends– drinks by the fire, warming up with your partner in a cozy setup, and other simple pleasures. What’s more, you could use the fire pit to roast marshmallows with your children and share stories.

If all this has piqued your interest, then here are some tips for organizing a successful barbecue.


There’s no reason why an afternoon barbecue can’t spill over into the evening if the company is good and you have proper lighting on hand. Strings of retro Christmas lights attached to lawn stakes can be a good way of defining the perimeter of the party area. Rustic outdoor torches are also an attractive touch while outdoor citronella candles not only look attractive, they’ll also help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Barbecue cover

You may want to keep things as clean as possible when hosting a barbecue party. So you may want to consider purchasing an outdoor grill cover, which can be found on websites such as and may protect your grill from getting dirty due to dust or rain, which can rust parts, and the sun, which can fade colors. In addition, grill covers can keep falling debris out of your grill, as well as birds and insects at bay. As a result, it may appear quite sanitary to all of your invited guests.

Keep the Food Simple

If you plan to do your own grilling, ensure you have quality Lynx grills and other necessary equipment. That said, if you are confused among different types of grill options, then know that a propane grill could be a good choice as it can produce more steam than its charcoal counterpart, thereby giving the meat more moisture. Moreover, charcoal grills take longer to preheat, which can affect your serving time and negatively impact your party. A propane gas grill, on the other hand, is easy to heat, and it retains its temperature even after a few minutes. Hence, opting for a propane grill would be a wise idea. All you would probably need is to find an online retailer from which you can source the grill and a propane delivery firm like Nelson Propane Gas Inc. that can deliver the fuel to your house at an affordable rate. That is it! You can now be ready to begin your grilling adventure once you have sorted out these two things.

However, just because you have the grilling equipment, do not go for cooking complex dishes. Keep the food simple so you can also spend time with your guests. Make dishes like coleslaw and potato salad in advance. On the day of the event itself, stick to simple classic fares like hamburgers, hot dogs, and fresh corn on the cob. You can do a lot with hamburgers, particularly if you vary ground beef with other meats like ground pork or ground turkey. Remember, it’s the condiments that make the burger, so try to have old favorites like sliced tomatoes and onions on hand as well as some new tastes like grilled Portobello mushrooms or fresh avocado.


Games are always an entertaining part of any barbecue particularly if many of your guests are meeting each other for the first time. Badminton and horseshoes are great icebreakers, but if you’re looking for a game that’s really unique, try setting up your own bocce ball court. Remember that’s it’s the atmosphere as well as the food that makes a party memorable, so don’t allow yourself to get so frazzled that you can’t greet your guests with a smile.

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