Get a Better Guest Speaker for Your Next Event


How an Interesting Guest Speaker Can Spice Up Your Event

What’s the last keynote speech you remember from an event? If you are like most people, you probably can’t name it. Keynote speeches tend to be a little dull, despite the best efforts of the presenters. On the other hand, the keynote speech sets the tone for the rest of the event, so making sure yours has a speaker that hits the nail on the head will ensure your event is poised to succeed. Here’s how.

Look for the Most Obvious Choices and Then Branch Out

If that sounds a bit vague, here is a bit of clarification. An internet security conference might normally have a cybersecurity expert as a speaker, but what if you chose a police chief or the head of a cybercrimes division to come in and speak instead? They would have interesting stories that would be of greater interest to the attendees, while also giving a more hands-on look at the subject matter your event is tackling.

Find a Storyteller, Not a Professor

No one likes to listen to lectures, but everyone loves a good story. When you find a person that you think might fit the bill for your next event, do some research. Try to find videos of their past presentations. A person that can tell a good story and keep the audience enthralled is a much better choice than someone that presents facts like a phonebook. A storyteller engages; a professor bores. Make that your mantra.

Find a Suitable Event Space

It doesn’t matter how great of a speaker you have if the event is held in a cramped space. Take the time to find a venue that suits your needs. An event rental company can help you do just that. These companies know all of the venues in your area, and if you’re holding the event out of town, they will be better prepared to help you find just the facility to hold you and all of your guests.

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