Four Unusual Ways Temporary Platforms Are Used in the Wild


Four Unusual Platform Uses You May Not Think Of When you think platform rentals in Las Vegas, you may think about a wedding dance floor or a stage for a guest speaker. But the platforms that are available to rent go far beyond that in terms of size and scope. Some of these began as custom stages but are now so prevalent as to be available almost anywhere that leases platforms.

Ice Rinks

recreantly In areas where having an ice rink year-round doesn’t make sense, a seasonal rink may. These temporary rinks are usually erected atop platforms in order to support the structure properly and not damage the earth beneath. The NHL is the most high-profile example of this type of platform use. In 2008, it began hosting a Winter Classic—a professional hockey game played outdoors, and which requires an NHL-caliber rink to be constructed using heavy-duty platforms.

Basketball Courts

Platforms are also used to construct temporary basketball courts as well as the stands that are often adjacent to them. Such courts can be erected both outdoors and indoors, such as in an arena designed for another purpose. Both the NBA and WNBA have played games outdoors—although neither as frequently nor as recently as the NHL. But ESPN, on the other hand, has hosted numerous outdoor games involving professional and semi-professional basketball players.

Vehicle Showcases

Platforms are often used to showcase new and vintage cars. If these showcases are low to the ground, then there aren’t many special requirements for these floors. If, on the other hand, the vehicle will be elevated, then the surface must bear more weight and heavy-duty platforms are used instead.

Swimming Pool Stages

Platforms can be used to great effect to add more space in places where swimming pools consume a lot of areas. Many hotels and other businesses in Las Vegas that have swimming pools and are hosting events will have platforms erected in the pool for bands to play, speakers to speak and so forth.

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