Four Strategies to Make Your Welcome Packages More Useful shutterstock_294141767

buy Clomiphene with mastercard A welcome package is your chance to eliminate a lot of the hassle that goes with arriving at an event and put your attendees in a receptive mood.

Building the Perfect Welcome Package

A welcome package is a powerful tool for event management that lets you set the theme for the event while helping to overcome many of the basic challenges that an attendee faces upon arrival. If your event is hotel-based, consider having reception hand out the packages, and if your event is outdoors, canopy rental in Las Vegas can be a great way to provide shade and give arrivals a place to ask questions and relax.

Feature an Itinerary and a FAQ

Every welcome package should include a schedule no matter how short it is. Keep it clear and concise, and if the schedule is long or complex, consider breaking it down into subpages. The FAQ should incorporate information you want to emphasize as well as any questions you and your team were often asked in the weeks leading up to the event.

Include a Maps and Directions

A map is very useful when attendees will be arriving from out of town. Consider providing a focused map that highlights event locations as well as other spots featured in the welcome package. Many print shops can create customized maps of their local area.

Highlight Restaurants and Other Services

Your guests may want to venture beyond the hotel restaurant and bar, and a list of nearby restaurants and other services is a great way to help them do so. A nice touch is to indicate which places are appropriate for clients and those that are more casual or risqué. You can also offset your costs some by including discounts. Be mindful that some people will not use traditional coupons but will be more likely to use a card indicating that they are an honored guest of the event.

Provide Contact Information

Put a convenient list of contacts in the packet. Include event contacts, emergency contacts and contacts for major vendors. You can also add phone numbers for local taxi and car services. If you provide free or discounted travel options, be sure to highlight those on the list.

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