Four Fun Dance Floor Ideas

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Plan a Party to Remember with a Custom Dance Floor Platform rentals in Las Vegas can serve event organizers in many ways, including providing the basis for an amazing dance floor. Dancing is a great way to channel the high energy of a party in a really fun way. Done well, it’s sure to be a focal point and create memories that your guests will cherish for years to come.

Get Creative with Shape and Height

Your dance floor doesn’t have to be a square or a rectangle or otherwise uniform. Take advantage of whatever space you have available or just get creative. Modular platforms can meet whatever practical or creative needs you have. Dance floors can also be elevated with platform risers to make them even more of a focal point, and you can have stairs for easier access as well as safety options too.

Use Colors and Patterns to Enhance This Focal Point

Although you may choose a traditional wood veneer for a wedding, there are many other options to choose from. Choose from black, white or all the colors of the rainbow. There are also many traditional, modern and artful textures available, and you can mix and match them for something truly unique.

Synchronize Dance Floor Lights with the Music

Another option is to use fixed dance floor lights or a projector to color the dancing surface. With a solid white surface, you’re essentially giving the DJ a large canvas upon which to work. Shapes can be projected and lights can be in sync with the beats. If you’re DJ-less, software can synchronize lighting to music automatically through a selection of presets.

Dance the Night Away Outdoors, Too

You’re not limited to an indoor dance floor. You can also dance the night away outdoors. There are even options to ensure a level platform if you’re dealing with uneven ground. If the sun or weather is a concern, tents can provide the peace of mind you need. Roll-up sides are another option that let you convert your dance space as needed and on the fly.

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