Four Essential Items to Maximize the Value of Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows can be a wonderful way to quickly introduce your product or idea to many interested individuals. While they can be a big investment, they can also pay big dividends when designed correctly. Think about how you want to design your trade boot to garner the most attention.

Trade Show Drapes and Pipes

When you paid your fee to be part of a trade show, then you were assigned a booth. Make that space look great by using drapes and pipes to separate it from other exhibitors. Quality drapes and pipes are your first introduction to attendees, so make sure they look outstanding.

Bring the Swag

When choosing items to give away at your booth, choose items that will add value to your customer’s lives. Everyone gives away pens and business cards, so skip the obvious. One company chooses to give away branded first-aid kits filled with supplies that trade-show participants will need after a day of shopping at these large shows. Another unique trade show giveaway a unique food item that participants have likely never seen before.

Make It Interactive

You want guests to linger a little longer at your booth, so think up a game that they can play. If you are interested in collecting contact information, then make them sign a form before you allow them to participate. When choosing a game, think about the interests of your targeted audience member and find a way to incorporate it into your activity. For example, you could let participants at an automotive aftermarket trade show race remote cars against each other or participants at a building trade show try building the largest structure with toy building blocks.

Connect on Social Media

There are numerous apps that allow you to send messages to those in close proximity to your booth. Investing in these apps may help you capture more attention at trade shows because everyone is always tied to their smartphones.

Regardless of what you decide to do in your trade show space, creating a great booth starts with choosing the right pipe and drape in Las Vegas. Bring swag that participants will be glad to receive, and plan an activity where you can collect names for later follow-up. Finally, use social media to connect with attendees.

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