Five Event Rental Must Haves

where to buy gabapentin online trade show event If you are planning a large event, there are a few things you can rent that will make everything run more smoothly. You have to prepare for both the expected and the unexpected. Here are some good rental ideas for making sure everything goes as planned.

1) Tent Rental

If you are going to host an event outside, it is best to prepare for unexpected weather. A tent or canopy will keep out the rain. Even on a nice sunny day, it will give guests shelter from the sunshine. A tent or canopy is also a good way to create more space. It can expand the square footage of an indoor event by letting the event spill over into tented areas outside.

2) Generators and Electrical Distribution

These are important for tented events to provide electricity for lighting. They also provide electricity for sound systems. Caterers can plug in food warmers, ovens, small refrigerators and beverage fountains if they have access to outlets as well. Depending on the weather, electrical distribution might be needed to use either heaters or air conditioners.

3) HVAC Equipment

For outside events, the weather is hardly ever exactly how you would like it to be. Having heaters or air conditioners at your event is a must to keep guests happy and relaxed. Even if the day is not overly warm, a tent with many guests inside may become hot. Proper ventilation is also necessary. Especially in crowded spaces, clean room-temperature air will add to the comfort of guests.

4) Staging and Seating

If your event will have a stage or raised area, renting this service is a great idea. Experts know exactly how to make a stage, ramp or raised seating area safe. We also have experience in taking foot-traffic flow and seating arrangements into consideration. Having experts handle stages, runways, bleachers or audience seating will ensure that guests are safe and comfortable.

5) Event Management

It’s a good idea to allow experts who have experience plan your event for you. Larger events would especially benefit from the guidance of an expert. We can take your ideas and make them a reality for you. Our experience allows us to be flexible when it comes to making your event unique and exactly what you want it to be. For event rentals¬†in Las Vegas, contact Source 1 Events. We will make sure your event is a positive and memorable one.