How to Figure Out How Big the Stage at Your Event Needs to Be

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Aalen When you need a stage at your special event, you may have considered the material and the shape. The size of the stage is another important factor to keep in mind as you rent the equipment and supplies required for your occasion.

How to Decide the Size of a Special Event Stage

When you are planning a special event, a stage allows you to have a focal point. The stage is also a functional area where your guests can stand and use the podium, talk and demonstrate their specialties. You may even wish to have a large stage as a performance area. If you are unsure of what size of staging rentals in Las Vegas you need, these tips can help you to get started.

Small Stages

A small stage area may be all the space that you need if you are simply hosting one guest speaker at a time. At the most, an 8 by 10 foot area may be sufficient if you will simply be walking up to the stage, talking, introducing a second person, greeting him or her and then going back to your seat while that person begins to talk. This amount of space does not include the steps up to the stage’s floor.

Medium Stages

A medium size of a stage is ideal if you will have a few people on stage at a time. For example, if your special event involves a panel of speakers seated in an arc or each standing at a podium, you may need a stage that measures about 200 square feet in size. You could configure the space to be 20 feet long by 10 feet wide or something similar so that the audience can see the speakers.

Large Stages

Large stages are great for events such as a dance. If you anticipate having 100 people dancing at your event, plan on a stage area that measures at least 30 feet by 30 feet in size. With this amount of space, each person will have enough room to take two steps before coming into contact with someone else.

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