Top Features in a Mobile Stage for Event Rental


Three Features to Consider When Renting a Mobile Event Stage

buy provigil online europe When you are hosting an event with multiple guest speakers or performers, they will need a stage to stand and perform on. When you do not already have a stage, or your event will take place at an outdoor venue, staging rentals in Las Vegas are an ideal solution. Consider these top three features that are available on mobile event stages.

Self-leveling Capability for Uneven Terrain

Telgte Mobile stages offer risers that are self-standing and self-leveling. The self-leveling feature works across the entire stage floor, ensuring that there is no slope on the horizontal stage floor. This feature does not require any securing with ballasts or cables. The simplicity of the setup makes it a convenient option for outdoor stage needs.

Engineering Pre-certifications for Site Inspections

Mobile stages for rent are pre-certified for ease of site inspections. They are certified for both their structural design and their rigging capacity. This means that if your performers will be setting up a great deal of heavy sound equipment or floor lighting, there should not be any problems at the time of inspection. The streamlined inspection process will help your event go smoothly from the start.

Minimal Time for Setup

Mobile stages are designed to be easy and efficient to set up. There is no requirement for heavy equipment such as forklifts or cranes when you choose a portable stage for your event. This also means that the terrain will not be marred by the heavy equipment’s wheels. The ease of setup is also evidenced by the low labor requirement. It only takes a couple of people a short amount of time to set up an expansive stage area. This low labor requirement is because there are fewer components to a portable stage. The quick setup means your special event can start sooner.

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