Our Event Work with Bull Fighters Only

http://karen-keogh.co.uk/portfolio/a-glimpse-of-parliament/ One of our latest events was the Bull Fighters Only at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This event showcased some of the most influential and advanced “Rodeo Style” bull fighters in the game today.

Event Tent

Togo For this event, we supplied a 30 meter by 80 meter tent. This tent can hold up to 800 people, however a majority of the space within the tent was used as a dirt arena and stage area for the actual bull fighting.

event tent rental Las Vegas Bull Fighters Only

Photo Credit: Martin Photo Group

tent rental rodeo event las vegas

Photo Credit: Martin Photo Group

Decking, Risers, Bleachers & Seating for the Event

Along with supplying the tent, we provided heating, lighting, decking, risers, as well as bleacher and folding chair seating. The bleachers were able to hold 500 people comfortably. Decking and risers were installed in order to create a couple VIP sections in the east and west areas of the tent.

event bleacher rentals Las vegas

Photo Credit: Martin Photo Group

Source 1 Events event management

Photo Credit: Martin Photo Group


http://noamchen.com/product-category/israel-calendars/ Planning an event? 

Whether you are producing a rodeo or sports event like Bull Fighters Only, a private corporate concert, or a company picnic, we can put it all together for you. Your event is as unique as your thumbprint. We utilize our decades of experience within the special events field to provide solutions to your special event needs.

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