Event Ideas Using Pipe and Drape


Four Clever Event Ideas for Pipe and Drape

http://blumberger.net/members/hui-2/ The pipe and drape Las Vegas event organizers have available to them are rather simple. Pipe is either aluminum or steel and features adjustable uprights that are supported by a heavy base. The drape is essentially a curtain but can be many different types of fabrics and even showcase branding or artistic elements. Despite that simplicity, together, they’re a fantastic tool that can be used in a number of clever ways when event hosting.

Hide a Wall

cytotec without script You never know where you’ll host an event. You may be charged with hosting a job fair in a building with corporate branding for a business that isn’t present. There may be signage that would be confusing in the current context. You may have a surprise that shouldn’t be revealed until the precise moment. There are many reasons why you may need to hide a wall, and pipe and drape let you do that in a simple way that can easily be removed later.

Divide a Space

Often, you’re tasked with using a space that’s much too large for the purpose or must accommodate various purposes. This is where pipe and drape prove useful. It’s not just a convenient approach but one that’s quite cost-effective when organizing large, open areas.

Set Up a Backdrop

You can also use these materials as a backdrop for a presentation or a host of other activities. It’s perfect for impromptu tasks or when a backdrop is needed at one point but will later have to be removed or moved to another area.

Create a Focal Point

Finally, you can use pipe and drape to create focal points throughout your event. Be mindful that the drapes don’t have to be fully draped. They can be drawn back and tied in order to add elegance to a passage or to create a stunning border around a pivotal display.

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