Event Fire Safety: Understanding What Goes Into a Fire Marshall Approval

Tradeshows are designed to attract many attendees and vendors, which expands networking opportunities for all. Although there’s plenty of room for fun and creativity in a tradeshow, you’ll also need to ensure safety or attendees and abide by laws. As you prepare for the big day, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are still rules and regulations to follow. One is event fire safety, which can largely influence how the venue is set up on tradeshow day. Before an event, you’ll need to submit paperwork and get approval before getting clearance for the event day. If you need help planning setup for local fire codes ahead of time, a Las Vegas staging company can assist.

Who Needs a Permit?

Any temporary tenting that is greater than 400 feet requires a permit from the fire department. Supporting documentation must include an illustration showing the tents used by vendors and the entire floor layout. The fire marshall must receive and approve the application. An onsite fire inspection will be conducted, too.

What Does a Fire Marshall Look For?

Essentially, a fire marshall ensures that your event and property are safe and won’t pose a fire hazard. Therefore, he or she will want to make sure that basic fire safety protocols are met. This includes keeping a clear path to all exits in the building. The exits should not be blocked, and they should fully open and close. The emergency exits and emergency lights must function properly. If you have extension cords, make sure that they are used safely and correctly. This means they shouldn’t snake through walls, go through ceilings, or be used instead of permanent wiring. Doubling up extension cords is also a safety hazard. A fire marshall will also check to see that the sprinklers are functional and not blocked by tall shelves or displays. Fire extinguishers and sprinklers should be readily available and working. Smoking is generally not permitted. These fire safety protocols are included in a tent bid.

Requirements for Trade Shows and Special Events

If you’re planning a trade show in Las Vegas, you’ll need to submit paperwork first. This includes two copies of an application for a Temporary Operational Permit, three copies of the floor plans, and an application fee for the Clark County Department of Building and Fire Prevention (CCDB – Fire Prevention). Additional supporting documentation may be required, as well. As you are thinking about tent rentals in Las Vegas, keep in mind that the size of the rental tent affects the price of the application fee. It also affects how long it will take for the fire department to review your application, which is critical for planning a trade show set up. For the largest booths, you may have to wait 20 days or more. For a precise schedule on required fire safety documentation and fees, visit the CCDB- Fire Prevention website: http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/building/fire-prevention/Pages/SpecialEvents.aspx.

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