Event Design Using Seated Risers


Event Staging with Seated Risers

http://schottremovals.co.uk/wp-includes/css/dist/block-directory/ Event planning entails a plethora of details including how you’ll effectively and comfortably seat everyone. The event design chosen may require multiple levels of staging. Enter the humble riser.

cheap modafinil online uk Risers go way beyond the ones you stood on in church choir or high school chorus. Those thinner, rather steep models are called standing risers. They vary vastly from seating risers, which provide a wide, almost stage-like width capable of accommodating tables and chairs. These risers let you create a multi-level dining or seating area that more effectively utilizes the space available. This lets the room designer accommodate the maximum number of occupants as rated by the fire department while leaving space for other activities.

Create Multiple Use Spaces

Seating everyone on risers provides space for a dance floor or an athletic area. It frees up an area for booths. It leaves ample opportunity for a stage, in fact, one option is to leave a riser in the middle row open, creating a stage for performers in between both seating levels. Acoustic performers can stroll up and down the riser, taking the performance to each table. This provides an unobscured sightline to the performers for all of the audience. Using riser seating helps boost the room’s acoustics and sound since it leaves open the majority of the venue’s cubic volume.

The risers that probably come to mind resemble gymnasium seating, with side handrails to provide safety. Deluxe risers provide much more than that. Use them to add depth to a stage. Attach wheels with locking casters for easy movement.

Multiple Materials, Multiple Looks

Another advantage to designing with seated risers is the variety of materials available. These risers come in plywood, polypropylene which provides a non-slip surface and metal. They’re easily covered with carpet to achieve a more finished look in any color scheme needed. Carpet also provides a quieter surface.

Seating Risers Travel Well

Riser seating provides a useful method of staging for traveling events since it’s portable. This seating and staging method lets the crew easily assemble, break down and re-assemble the same configuration in any location. It also allows the event planner to add platforms, tiers and seating riser rental Las Vegasto accommodate additional guests or performers.

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