How to Ensure the Safety of Those in Your Vendor Tent

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Keeping People Safe During a Corporate Event

It is not uncommon to see companies run hospitality tents at sporting events, concerts or other gatherings in the community. These tents make it possible for brands to interact with celebrities and others in the business world, which may help to expand their reach and visibility. However, those who choose to participate in a community event will need to take steps to ensure visitor safety.

Make Sure the Tent Is Physically Secured to the Ground

It is important that the tent is anchored into the ground to ensure that it can blow away or collapse on top of those inside. Flaps used to create entrance and exit points should also be secured so that they don’t make contact with individuals and possibly cause an injury. There should also be security located throughout the area to be sure that unauthorized individuals are kept out.

Keep the Area Under the Tent Free of Debris

With hundreds or thousands of people milling around the tented area at one time, the odds are good that someone could slip or trip over debris on the ground. This means that you should keep wires away from where people may be walking, and you should also have staff members roaming the area to pick up garbage or other fallen objects. If rugs are put down, they should not be allowed to bunch as that could create a tripping hazard.

Use Common Sense

Those who are interested in¬†tent rentals in Las Vegas¬†should take care when installing them if they’re doing it themselves. Ideally, an individual will follow the instructions provided to set up the tent and follow best practices to keep everyone safe until after it comes down. The result will be an enjoyable, safe and successful event.

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