Engage More with the Audience at Your Next Product Rollout Event

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Manghit Businesses often use trade shows and privately hosted events to introduce new products and services, and there are some simple yet effective ways to generate buzz.

Four Ways to Make Your Next Rollout Event More Effective

Companies don’t usually sneak new products and services onto the market with little fanfare. Product reveals are very effective at generating buzz. Whether you’re hosting a small, private event or you’ve hired an event rental company to manage your large trade show rollout, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to make your event a big hit.

Target Your Invitations

Invite the right people. A common mistake that businesses make is having a limited view of who is interested and can generate buzz on their behalf. One of the strongest arguments for hiring a professional event coordinator is that that person or group will handle the marketing aspects as well. They can alert local media outlets, industry-oriented publications and so forth. Having the right people and organizations at your show can generate buzz in and of itself.

Social Media Is a Powerful Resource

Use social networking to your advantage. The right Tweet or post can gain a lot of attention and be shared among people who find your new product indirectly. Business-oriented networks can be used to reach wholesalers, vendors, retailers and other groups you might not otherwise have access to. A top reason companies avoid social media in these situations is to keep a reveal secret, but you can use teases to great effect instead. Consider how Microsoft teases its next Xbox before actually revealing it or how Apple does the same with its smartphones and tablets.

Make It Hands-On

Interaction is also a key to making your audience interested and motivating them to generate buzz. You want them to feel as if they’ve taken part in something. A great way to do that is to give them a hands-on experience with your latest products or the samples of the products you are about to launch. While giving you honest reviews about the product, they can also become a part of the Product Name Test to help you decide better on a particular item’s most suitable name. Besides, if it’s financially feasible, it’s also not a bad idea to let them go home with one or a few of your products.

Put on a Show

An event stage used only for a product expert to ramble on about specifications is probably a missed opportunity. The goal should be to entertain in order to make the audience receptive to your new message. Your choice of stage, lighting and audio are all very important, too. Invest time in making the best use of your available space. Sight lines, seating access and comfort are all key to a happy audience.

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