The Difference Between Bleachers and Seating Risers


How Seating Risers Differ From Bleachers

sigmoidally The seating riser rentals in Las Vegas that event organizers have available to them are convenient and cost-effective. Audience risers are often an excellent solution for indoor environments that lack built-in bleachers. You may think of the differences between bleacher and riser in terms of permanent versus temporary and portable, but bleachers can be moveable too, and many of the important dissimilarities lie in your configuration options.

Risers Provide a Solid Floor

Kattivākkam An important difference between a riser and a bleacher is the solid floor the riser provides. After all, the fundamental focus of a bleacher is the seat, and the core focus of a riser is the base upon which you can situate a seat. Audience members on risers can keep belongings at their feet and not have to worry about their keys or other items dropping to the ground below.

Risers Let You Choose the Seat

The ideal seat for a Phantom of the Opera production is quite different from that of an NCAA basketball game and quite different from a dinner honoring an award recipient. With bleachers, your seating options are limited or nonexistent, but with risers, you can always select the perfect seat for the occasion.

Risers Are Portable

Risers are portable. Bleachers are integrated into the structure itself. Bleachers, particularly indoor versions, can be closed or swung shut to save space, but that’s not the same as portability. Seating risers can come with you from one event to another across town.

Risers Are Modular

Bleachers are by design rectangular. Risers can be but aren’t restricted to that shape. Being modular means that they can be squared or configured into numerous other orientations. The big benefit here is being able to take advantage of the space the environment provides, such as fitting extra seats into a nook or positioning floor-level risers around an orchestra.

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