Designing Sight Lines for Your Audience

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How to Optimize Sight Lines in a Temporary Theatre

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk There are many options when it comes to the seating riser rentals Las Vegas event organizers have available to them. One of the challenges organizers face when choosing theater seating for an open space to be used temporarily is sight lines. How well your audience can see the production makes all the difference in how much it’s enjoyed or how well your message is received.

Create a Plan of the Available Space

Plan your sight lines before making any other choices. If you have a plan of the space available, have a digital or paper copy you can edit. If an actual plan isn’t available, create a makeshift one. Even a rectangle drawn to scale can provide you the visual information you need to make otherwise tough choices. The goal here is to identify optimal sight lines, then choose a stage position, and finally, determine where and how your seating will be configured.

Analyze Sight Lines as Drawn Lines

Visualizing a sight line on your plan is as simple as using a ruler to draw a line from where the seating may be to where the stage may be. Your plan needs to account for any obstacles that can’t be removed, such as pillars. Adjust sight lines as needed. Be mindful that seating must be assessed at scale too. A sight line one centimeter away on paper can be a very drastic difference in the actual venue.

Seats Can Conform to Oddly Shaped Areas

As you erase and redraw, adjust and readjust, you may find yourself with some odd seating areas. That’s all right. Don’t avoid those. There are seating risers and other solutions that are designed to conform to these oddly shaped spaces.

Take Advantage of Vertical Sight Lines

Seat risers let you go up, so take advantage of that. The orchestra pit, for instance, is only an obstacle for seats at that level or below. Shifting seats up can let you use what would be otherwise wasted space. This should work for any obstruction that doesn’t running ceiling to floor.

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