Why You Should Customize Your Rental Tent and Add Beauty to the Event


How to Boost the Aesthetic Appeal of a Rental Tent

Rental tents come in basic colors, a range of sizes and different shapes. When you are hosting a special event using Las Vegas tent rentals, you might want to customize the exterior or interior parts of the tent in order to create a cohesive theme or simply make things look more festive. Consider one or more of these options for boosting the aesthetic appeal of the rental tent.


The events rental company may be able to hang lights around the support posts or doorways of the tent. If the tent has interior posts or windows, those could also be dressed up with lights. If the event rental service does not have lights, ask what type of lights are allowed for use on or next to the tent.

Banners and Ribbons

Banners and ribbons add color and style to the tent. They are easy to put on and take off. These decorations can be custom-made for your event, using the guest of honor’s name or the occasion. The decor that you put up could coordinate with a bride’s colors, a school’s colors or mascot or the symbolic color of a charity, such as pink for breast cancer.


Real or artificial flowers are another simple and effective way of decorating a rental tent. They can be used on the inside or outside of the structure. A floral garland would be quick to set up and wrap around the doorways or support posts. A floral swag would also work well in a doorway or on a tent’s faux window. Since these garlands and swags do not release any heat and are light in weight, they will not leave any marks or require much in the way of fasteners to keep them in place.

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