How to Create the Perfect Dance Floor for Your Vegas Wedding Reception shutterstock_622733924

Let Loose With a Wedding Dance Floor

Panamá When planning your Las Vegas wedding, make sure that you think about the type of dance floor that you want to have. The right type of dance floor can get guests excited about striking a pose and showing off their favorite moves. Though you might think that all dance floors are exactly the same, you’ll find some different ideas that will work for your reception by consulting professionals who handle platform rentals in Las Vegas.

Lighted Floors

One fun idea is a dance floor that lights up. Some of these floors have built-in lights that sit beneath a plastic cover. As guests move across the plastic, the lights flash and shine through. If you aren’t sure if these floors will work with the style and theme of your reception, you can work with a rental company that will provide lights around the edges. Whichever lights you choose, they’ll highlight the dance floor and get the attention of guests.

Lift Up the Dance Floor

Many couples select a dance floor that is the focal point of the room. Platforms lift the dance floor up by a few inches or more and create a space that guests will want to check out before and after they start dancing. Some platform stages are low enough that you and your guests can step right onto the platform, while other dance floor platforms come with small sets of steps that provide access to the stage.

DJ Booth

As you select the type of dance floor for your wedding reception, you’ll want to make sure that you leave room for the DJ booth. Your DJ may need more or less space based on the amount of equipment used. Try putting the DJ near the front of the booth, but place the speakers around the dance floor to ensure that everyone can hear the music. With the right dance floor, everyone will want to dance at your reception.

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