Create Elegant Wedding Backdrops with Pipe and Drape


How to Use Pipe and Drape for Your Wedding

Planning your perfect wedding requires so much attention to detail. It can seem overwhelming to create the ideal setting unique from all others. You can easily do this in any chapel or event hall though with creative use of pipe and drape.

In the Ceremony

Set up a dramatic entrance to the ceremony and your reception. Combine pipe and satin drape or vines and silk flowers to create a fairy tale entrance into the chapel. Use a similar set up but add white or cream decorative lights to the piping. Finish each walking path with carpet of flowers.

Create a ceremony canopy that sets the wedding official and happy couple off from others in attendance. Combine backdrop poles covered in lace, satin or high-grade polyester to create a canopy with drapes. You’ll frame your vows and provide an original backdrop for your wedding photos.

At the Reception

Have your event planner divide a great hall into distinct areas using pipe and drapes. Whether you choose lace, satin, silk, or another fabric, you can easily divide a large space into several smaller ones attractively and easily. You can create room dividers and tents.

Create a photo backdrop for your guests. All the day’s photos won’t be of the happy couple. You’ll want some of the guests, too. Pipe and drapes provide a way to create a unique backdrop that no one else has used. Build it in front of a mural or large painting to provide a background framed by the decorative piping.

Surround the dessert and gift tables with skirts and pipe them with vines. Create a tent to house the gift table. It provides a frame for gift opening photos. When you book pipe and drape rentals in Las Vegas, there are many options for making your event look stunning.

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