What to Consider When Deciding Between a Canopy and a Tent

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How to Choose Between a Rental Canopy and a Tent

discretionally When hosting an event, you may be unsure of whether to choose canopy or tent rentals in Las Vegas. Canopies offer a roof and support pillars, while tents also include walls and door flaps or openings. Keep these tips in mind when planning your event.

Consider the Weather

Kierspe When the weather is extremely hot, you might want to set up portable air conditioners for a tent. Milder weather gives you more options. Canopies allow for air to flow through. Take a look at the weather forecast or look at the weather history for the dates of your rental. Keep in mind that heavy winds could blow sand around, and a tent would offer better protection from the sand particles.

Think About Traffic Flow

If your event will mostly involve people sitting and only occasionally exiting the area, a tent would be a good choice. The doors of a tent slow the rate of entry and egress. A canopy would be a good choice if people will be moving around a lot. For example, if people will be walking around the property to look at scenery or watch something, a canopy will make it easier for more people to move.

Keep Noise Control in Mind

If your event will be noisy, with sounds such as clapping, singing or the announcements of an auction, a tent may be a better choice. This is also the case if your event will include music and dancing. When your event will be located next to homes where people may be trying to sleep, a tent does a better job at reducing the level of noise from your event. A canopy’s lack of walls could allow sound to travel, frustrating the neighbors.

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