Comfortable Outdoor Summer Expos Experience Greater Turnouts shutterstock_254989831

JaguariaĆ­va Providing comfort during the hot summer months can boost guest experience during an outdoor business expo or trade show. The happier the patrons are, the more likely they’ll stay and help make the event a success.

3 Ways to Comfort Guests at a Summer Expo

If there is one thing you can count on during a summer outdoor expo in Las Vegas, it’s the heat. Hosting a business expo outside can give the event a more open appeal that is akin to a festival. However, it can be a miserable experience if you don’t cater to the needs of your guests. Here are several ways you can promote the outdoor trade show while keeping your patrons more comfortable.

1. Keeping the Guests Hydrated

Water is a vital component when being outside in the summer sun. Making sure you have vendors ready with water can help keep guests cool and satiated. Guests will be more likely to stay and visit the trade show in Las Vegas if they have a way to keep their body temperatures down. Liquids keep the patrons moving while allowing their bodies to regulate those internal temperatures.

2. Offering Shade from the Sun

Protection from the sun is virtually a must if you host an outdoor gala. Things like a canopy rental in Las Vegas may offer that protection for the business leaders as well as the guests. When the sun is bearing down on someone for extended periods of time, they become less likely to stay and explore the trade show. Instead of an extended visit, the guest could decide the sun is too much to bear. Shade also goes a long way to keep products and items from being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

3. Catering the Event

Food draws a crowd no matter what kind of expo you’re hosting. Having the event catered gives people more reason to stay on the grounds and visit the available booths. This can be a free service or you can invite companies that provide edible items for sale. Small additions like an ice cream cart could go a long way to keeping visitors happy. While you may not have to provide extravagant meals, something to keep the pallet satisfied could benefit keeping people from leaving the event. After all, food can help keep visitors comfortable and more likely to continue exploring the expo.

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