Choosing the Right Seating for Your Event


How to Pick the Best Seating Rentals for a Party

Throwing a party lets you celebrate with friends and family, but no matter where you throw that party, you need to make sure that you have plenty of seats for those guests. Seats can range from more traditional chairs with tall backs to bleachers that can fit a crowd.

Consider Location

Before picking any type of seating, always think about the location of the event. While some people choose seating riser rentals in Las Vegas, the facilities may not let you use this type of seating. Risers are similar to bleachers, can fit a large number of people and are great for outdoor events. If you decide to throw an indoor event, you’ll want to look for more traditional chairs. Rental companies can provide you with covers in colors that match the theme of the event and your decorations too.

Number of People

The more people you invite to your party, the more seats you need. For a sit down party or a more formal affair, you need the same number of chairs and guests with a few extra to compensate for any guests they may bring with them. For more casual affairs, you can pick folding chairs, bleacher seats or even outdoor chairs. Offering fewer chairs than there are guests will encourage guests to walk around and mingle.

Event Theme

The theme of your event can play a role in the chairs that you pick and use too. A casual backyard barbecue with a baseball game in the middle of the game practically begs for risers or bleachers that add to the feel and can fit all guests not playing. Other chairs are better suited for weddings and formal affairs. Picking the right chairs or type of seating lets guests get in the right frame of mind as soon as they enter your event and take a seat.

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