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Choosing Your Perfect Dance Floor

Sokol’niki There are many uses for platform rentals in Las Vegas, but perhaps none are as popular as setting up a dance floor. If you’re hosting a wedding, then dancing is all but a necessity, but a dance floor is also a great way to enhance your occasion whether you’re celebrating a birthday or organizing a more casual corporate event.

Consider Head Count

You need to size the dance floor appropriately. You want to do this based on the number of attendees, and the rule of thumb for the industry is 40 percent. You can slide this number up if the crowd tends to be younger or down if it tends to be older. So, if you will have 100 people in attendance, then you want a floor than can accommodate 40 people at a time. You generally need 9 square feet per couple, so nine times 20 couples requires 180 square feet.

Indoor Dance Floors

You also need to consider if you’ll host the event indoors or outdoors and what that means for your other choices. If this is an inside event, then you need a room that accommodates the size determined above. But you probably want it to be even bigger than that since you likely won’t want to separate the dancers from those sitting at tables, mingling and so forth.

Outdoor Dance Floors

If the dance floor will be outdoors, then you’ll probably want a tent to cover it. You also need to consider the ground that will serve as a base. A flat surface is ideal, and if you are dealing with bumps, holes and other issues, then a subfloor may be necessary.

What About Style?

There are many styles from which to choose as well. Wood grain, for instance, is a nice choice for when you want that traditional appeal. White dance floors, on the other hand, are quite trendy and lend themselves to modern and romantic aesthetics.

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