Captivating Emcee Ideas

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Seohāra Ideas and tips on how to emcee and expected standards of behavior when managing an event.

Captivating Emcee Ideas

The master of ceremonies or “emcee” hosts events or programs. As an emcee, you can tell jokes or interesting facts in between different programs or as you introduce performers to the stage.


As an emcee, you are required to give a short and clear introduction that augurs well with the rest of the programs. If you start the program with energy and stay on topic, it will prevent you from rambling and help maintain the energy in the room. In addition, a good intro will make the audience eager for the next activity on the program.


Be prepared with a script to guide and time the event activities and correctly announce participants. You should be informed about the people you are introducing. Although spontaneous humor can really cheer up the crowd, consider timing your jokes with the event activities.


Regardless of the type of event, many guests would like an emcee with a sense of humor. However, humor is often a gift that some people may not have. To improve on your jokes, read books with jokes and refer to funny jokes on the Internet before the event. Alternatively, attend events in different venues to watch performing emcees and get tips on how they keep their guests entertained. If you entertain people with jokes, the humor will relax the audience and help them lose track of time.


Maintain the program flow by transitioning seamlessly from one activity to the next. In case there is an unforeseen problem in the background, you should be prepared to fill in with some jokes or humorous tales to keep the audience entertained while organizers or participants sort out the problem.

Emcee Etiquette

Know your audience and avoid being too generic or using too many “cliché” jokes. Know the language to use in different types of events including formal and informal events. Although humor is an important trait of a good emcee, be careful not to tell offensive jokes. Spontaneity is also an important element of staging an event. Occasionally, you may escort a guest off the stage or help a participant climb up the stairs to the podium. Knowing a few emcee ideas and tips can help you successfully manage an event staging in Las Vegas.

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