Build a Trade Show Booth That Draws the Attention of Visitors shutterstock_694257883single-heartedly Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, a bland trade show booth can be devastating. The purpose of these expos is to make local consumers aware of the brand and possibly earn a few sales leads. If the booth is drab, the show is a wasted experience.

It takes a bit more than excellent pipe and drape in Las Vegas to make a business stand out at a trade show. While the structure of the booth is vital, so are the following elements if you want to reel in the guests.

Make It Interactive

Pinning up a few charts and handing out pamphlets might help get the word out regarding your practice. However, making the event interactive makes it far more memorable. It’s all about delivering a “hands-on” experience. It gives people a chance to try a product or otherwise witness services for themselves.

Be Flashy but Not Gaudy

Some of the best trade show booths in Las Vegas offer a great deal of flash and pizzazz. This often includes lights, music, an enthusiastic presenter and more. The thing to remember, though, is not to be too overly extravagant. Incorporate samples of the business, but don’t come off as “showy.” People like to be entertained, and offering a bit of flashiness has potential to really draw in a crowd.

Make the Design Unique

A unique design has a greater chance of attracting the eyes of attendees. You don’t want a layout that is too familiar and basic. Build something that stands out which demands attention. Use colors and imagery associated with the business. Make sure the logo is prominently displayed as people will associate more with imagery than words.

A large portion of visitors to any trade show is looking to learn and be entertained. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a “show.” Don’t simply settle for three cubical walls and a couple of printouts. The investment in an amazing booth in Las Vegas is worth engaging more visitors. wp-image-1744″ />

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