The Best Ways to Make Your Wedding Tent Comfortable shutterstock_115926307 If you’ve decided to host your wedding reception in a tent, you’ve got a great start to a wonderful wedding. To make sure your tent is equipped for guests, remember to think about heating and cooling, flooring, and square footage.

Tips for Staying Comfortable in a Wedding Tent Wedding tents are a beautiful place to host a wedding reception. When choosing your tent, however, it’s important to consider comfort as well as style. By following these tips, your wedding guests are sure to stay comfortable throughout the reception. Dancing all night is a breeze when tents are outfitted with the proper amenities.


You don’t want your wedding tent to be too hot or too cold. If it’s too hot, your guests won’t want to dance, and if it’s too cold, they’ll be too busy shivering to celebrate. Make sure the inside of the tent is temperate by investing in a wedding tent heater or cooling unit. A portable wedding tent air conditioner will keep summer heat at bay, and heating lamps can help keep guests toasty.

Create the Dance Floor

Unless your wedding is a casual affair, many women in heels will likely be attending your event. Ensure they can walk easily by installing some type of solid flooring. Wedding tent flooring is often created using plywood, which is laid over a sub-floor. Other options include plastic flooring and turf. All of these flooring types create a stable surface that allows guests to walk without discomfort. To provide further relief from uneven flooring surfaces, consider handing out flip flops at the reception. This gives heel-wearing women permission to ditch their shoes on the dance floor.

Size Matters

When searching for a tent rental in Las Vegas, make sure to discuss the number of guests expected at your wedding reception. Different sized guest lists call for different sized tents and the choice will be based on square feet per wedding guest. Some wedding experts believe that you need at least 100 square feet for every eight guests. Depending on your desired floor plan, however, you may need more or less space. Always err on the side of more space, however, as you don’t want to pack too many guests into too small a space. To create a fun party atmosphere, your guests will need room to move.

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