Battle Rain and Sun with Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips


If the sky opens up and rain starts pouring down on your wedding day, you want to ensure that you are ready for those poor weather conditions. The right tips can help your day go just as great as you always imagined.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Exchanging vows outside allows you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature that surround you as you marry your loved one in front of family and friends. Even if you research weather conditions, you may still find yourself dealing with a torrential downpour or blistering sunshine. Learn how you can prepare for those weather conditions when planning your outdoor wedding.

Keep Guests Safe

The rain that falls on your wedding day may do more than just ruin your hairstyle and leave you with wet spots on your dress. That rain can leave behind large mud puddles or turn your outdoor venue into one big mud pit that leaves your guests slipping and sliding on their walk to the gift table. Make sure that you have safety supplies on hand to mark which areas your guests should avoid and which areas are safe for them to visit. You may want to invest in sawdust or cat litter too, which will absorb some of the moisture from the ground.

Invest in a Canopy

When you work with a canopy rental Las Vegas company, you can keep your guests safe from both the sun and the rain. Canopies are available in smaller sizes to cover just a few tables and larger sizes that will cover almost your entire outdoor space. You will even find canopies that have canvas sides and function more as tents to keep the wind and blowing rain off your guests. Many companies offer rental canopies in different colors to better match your wedding decor too.

Plan in Advance

Brides and grooms look forward to their wedding days and picture themselves standing in front of their family and friends as they pledge their love to each other. Planning helps you cover any inevitability that might occur. Use simple tips like renting a canopy before your wedding day and taking care of mud puddles at the venue.

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