How to Plan a Wedding with No Stress [Infographic] Hacks for an Easy Wedding-Planning Process Every couple should be excited about their wedding, but the excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by the stress associated with the planning. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful or unhappy experience. Here are some tips to follow for a relatively simple and stress-free wedding planning process.

Hosting an Event on a Tight Budget [Infographic] Doing as Much as Possible with Your Budget Successful event planning is about working within your budget and making the right choices when faced with difficult decisions. You should work with a mindset to strive to save money whenever you can, since each dollar you spend can go toward another part of your event.

Source 1 Events provides glass sided tent for IAV at this years CES Convention

Check out our photos from this year’s CES Convention. IAV is an automotive company focused on developing renewable energy sources that are used power motor vehicles. Source 1 Events provided our glass sided tent for this event. The tent was climate controlled, using heat or air condition when needed.   Within the tent itself, we[…]