How to Arrange Seating Around a Comedy Venue

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Best Seating Options for Comedy Shows

Radlin Comedy shows can range from one-time performances hosted by schools and other organizations to major shows from comedians who make millions of dollars each year. If you need to plan a comedy show, it’s important that you look at the best seating options that will help guests focus on the show.

Intimate Approach

Creating a more intimate feeling is a great option for smaller clubs that don’t have a lot of available floor space. Trying to cram in as many tables and chairs as possible can make guests feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. They might decide not to come back to your club again because of that feeling. Taking a more intimate approach requires that you use fewer tables and that you cluster those tables around the stage. Make sure that each chair faces the stage to help guests focus on the comedian.

Open Mic Night

Some clubs host open mic nights a few times a year or more often. Instead of spending a lot of money on equipment that you rarely use, you can work with companies that offer staging rentals in Las Vegas. These companies can bring all the equipment needed to your venue before the show and do sound checks to ensure the microphones and other devices work. You can also rent the tables and chairs that you might need for the larger influx of customers you expect to see on those nights. Some types of seating rentals even let you stack those customers to fit more people into the space.

Creating the Right Feel

Creating the right feel is the key to making your comedy show a success. The best type of seating for your club or venue depends on the number of customers coming in and the size of the venue itself. You can create a more intimate feel with a smaller number of tables near the stage or use stacked seating and risers to fit more guests into the space for open mic nights and one-time only performances.

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