Advantages of the Many Pipe and Drape Fabrics

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Is There a Best Pipe-and-Drape Fabric?

can you get Lurasidone over the counter There are many options when it comes to the pipe and drape rentals Las Vegas event hosts have available to them. Among those choices is which fabric to use. Many customers wonder if there is one superior choice, but there is not. In fact, the wide range of choices available exists because what is best really depends on your goals and situation.

Flame-Resistant Fabrics

When it comes to choosing fabric for pipe and drape, it is easy to focus on aesthetics. But there are practical considerations as well. If you are hosting your event for the public in a commercial space, then you are likely governed by a fire code that limits which fabrics you can use. Your local code may even require inherent versus treated flame resistance, and many event suppliers make this distinction clear.

Privacy Requirements

How much privacy will your attendees require? Will certain areas be used as dressing rooms or for private screenings that require non-disclosure agreements? In that case, you need a drape that provides that concealment. Just choosing black may not be good enough. Commando drapes, for instance, are a popular option because they are economical and block out 99 percent of light when used appropriately.

An Upscale Look and Feel

Perhaps you need your event to look and feel more luxurious than functional. In that case, there are many different premier fabrics that are great for banquets, churches, proms, weddings and so on. Velour is a particularly iconic choice that is used not just for theatrical performances but for events where VIPs will be in attendance.

Color Range

Will you require the use of many different colors throughout the event but want to maintain a consistent look and feel? Banjo drapes, which are often used for trade shows, become a great option, because they are often available in two dozen colors or even more.

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