Achieve a Better Show Through Better Speaker Tools

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Giving Your Speakers the Tools to Succeed The seating and staging rentals Las Vegas event organizers have available to them can make a big difference in how successful a presentation is. The choices that can make a show don’t end there, however. Speaking from a stage to a large audience can be a challenging task, and you can ease that assignment with some simple tools.

Optimize Sight Lines and Mark Them on Stage

Optimizing sight lines is among the first challenges you’ll face. It’s this process that informs your seating and staging decisions. Once those decisions have been made, mark them on the stage using colored tape or a similar device. As your speaker moves, he or she will have a guideline for optimal stop positions. If you’re employing a rotation, you can number those spots or use your own labeling system so that the actors know which position is next.

Optimize Sound Lines and Indicate Ideal Positions

Sound lines are another critical issue and can make all the difference in how well a message is received. If speakers will speak from a fixed position, that position should be the best spot or at least the most favorable compromise. If speakers will move around to engage the audience, then you’ll want to mark where the sweet spots as well as the auditory blind spots are.

Set Up a Command Center

Modern technology can help speakers in many ways. Set up a command center—or several if the stage is large—that includes a laptop, teleprompter, smartphone on vibrate and any other tools a speaker may need. If you’re using large-screen displays or other A/V tools to engage the audience, ensure that the speaker’s command center is always in sync with what’s shown to the audience.

View All Lighting from the Stage

When you set up your lighting, view it in what the live conditions will be. See what the stage will look like during the actual event from the perspective of the speakers. Great lighting for an audience can seem like a sea of darkness to a speaker, which can make it difficult to interact with them effectively.

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