4 Key Tips for Finding the Best Platform Rentals Around

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http://humanesmarts.org/product-tag/the-orchard/ Organizing a big event in Las Vegas calls for using the best event platforms and stages enhance safety and make addressing the attending crowd easier. Although Las Vegas is home to numerous platform rental companies, none quite matches the quality of services provided by Source 1 Events. Learn more about why you should hire us for the best platform rentals in Vegas.

4 Ways to Identify the Best Platform Rentals in Town

If you are hosting a special event in Las Vegas, it is important to outsource the best event platforms for your purposes and budget. Be it a live musical, dance event or a general meeting, event platforms will help enhance security for the guests and make it easier for the guests to mingle or performers to interact with the audience. For the platform to serve its purpose well, it should be of high-quality and set up by qualified professionals. Here are four things to look for when choosing platform rentals Las Vegas.

Quality Materials

All of the equipment used in setting up event platforms should be of the best possible quality. Check for signs of leaking or damaged construction that could put you of your guests in harm’s way. Safety should be the number one priority of any company you choose.


You must be sure to hire a team that has experience setting up events of the scale and scope that you are working with. Don’t hire the cheapest company in town just because they offer you a great deal. They may not have the resources available to pull off an event platform of the size you need.


Ask around for references when choosing your platform rental company. Many local venues in Las Vegas have had plenty of experience working with different platform vendors and can point you in the direction of a reputable company.


Whether it is a small family event or a large gathering, you need a pricing model that fits your budget. Ask about how the rental is priced and whether or not the rental includes insurance or coverage if anything goes wrong during the event.

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