Tips on Picking the Best Venue for Your Vegas Event Best Ways to Pick Your Next Venue Location, location, location ― this does not just apply to finding the right house, but also to finding a venue in Vegas as well. Your event is about to be your attendee’s home, so picking a poor venue can lower your attendee count this year easily. We have[…]

Ways to Avoid the Most Common Event Planning Mistakes in Vegas Don’t Make These Common Mistakes During the Event Planning Phase Vegas event planners are people that need to be ready for anything. From last-minute changes in the agenda to a speaker contracting the flu, events are usually a study in on-site improvising. Unless you’re moonlighting as a time traveler, you cannot predict what’s going to[…]

Las Vegas Staging Companies and the Truth About Scheduling Tips to Know Before Calling a Staging Company You are holding an event and you must book staging to host your event, your award winners or your entertainment – easy right? As with all aspects of event production, certain tricks of the trade can allow the staging to be a breeze. We have put together[…]